Persian & Himalayan: Description

Persian & Himalayan: Description, Personality & Traits:

Silver and Chinchilla Shaded Persian:

Super affectionate, calm, playful and cuddly and great with other pets and kids, has long lush soft fur. Make good lap cats. Has either blue or green eyes, copper eyes are rare. One of our most sought after Persians. One of the most Stunning Designer Persians.

Golden Shaded Persian:

Independent yet affectionate, likes to petted but not held for long periods. Good with other pets and kids. Golden’s have a semi wild exotic look that we love! Medium to long silky fur. Will not shed as much as other Persians. Has green to blue gray eyes. Another High End Persian Breed.

Seal Point, Flame Point & Lynx Point Himalayan:

Affectionate and independent. Best of both. Loves to be petted and loves to rub up against your leg. Some are more affectionate than others. Medium to long silky Fur. Great with other pets and kids. Extremely clean. They have a Sleek and Elegant Look and the most Beautiful Blue Eyes Anywhere!

Solid Color, Bi Color, Calico and Tabby Persian:

Very regal and elegant looking, loves attention and is affectionate. Wonderful personalities. Great with other pets and kids. Loves to be pampered. When raised around dogs will adopt a dog like personality! Has an array of different eye colors, most tend to be copper, although we do offer odd eyes and do get some with green or blue eyes at times. These Persians require daily brushing and will require their eyes to be cleaned regularly. The most recognized of all Persians, and super adorable, especially when little. We offer these Persians in both doll faced and extreme faced.
A Deluxe High End Persian.

White (Doll Faced) Persian:

My favorite of all! So beautiful! resembles a perfect stuffed animal. Very elegant and loving. One of our most sought after Persians. Super affectionate, loves attention and has snow white silky fur. Great with other pets and kids. Has either Blue or Green eyes, sometimes copper. Males tend to be dominate with other male cats, unless raised together. Has the Ultimate Wow Factor!

Please Note:

There is no such thing as a “Tea Cup” Persian or Himalayan. Breeders who advertise “Tea Cup” are unethical and flat out scamming buyers. A so called “Tea Cup” is nothing more than a sickly kitten or runt. Backyard Breeders like to use made up words and charge a huge fee for the non existent “Tea Cup” which is not recognized by the CFA and does not exist.


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